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My name is Luigi. My journey into massage therapy has been long and filled with lots of wonderful experiences into the path of learning and discovery of what I now approach as Energy work.


LUIGI Truono

LMT - MA 62498 FL - LMT 0004462 DE

Here is a video of a Pet Reiki Massage session! On this video you can see Gunther Jr. getting a soothing massage and Reiki experience. Who says doggies don't need their upper chakras in balance?



Click any of the healing modalities below to learn more about each. You may contact for a session with the modalities you'd like to experience.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Healing

Palm Massage

Quantum Touch

Colorful Crystal

Crystal Healing



Blurry Gradient

Color Therapy


Sound Healing



Here are some of the featured links for your discovery. 

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Click the picture for an article on Alkaline Kangen Water!

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Gonzalo Otaola

I had not done vibrational frequency healing until I met Luigi. This is what I call a molecular recalibration! I left my session revitalized, at ease, refreshed. The energy I felt in the hours following the session seemed to increase over time and my thought patterns also came out elevated with optimism and confidence. I'd go for a weekly tune-up if I had the chance. 

Julieta Acosta

I have had a really nice and healing experience with a REIKI session provided by “LUIGI”. At the time I felt terrible and after the session, my body was alleviated. I’m so grateful to be a part of this process.

Jane Rivar

I was meditating and decided to listen to a short sound healing video I have used many times over the years. I am an singer/composer and been unable to sing for the past 7 years. When I clicked on my usual video yours came up. When i saw the beauty of your healing room i was truly touched by the tenderness and care that I know it takes to create divine space. My soul loves to create sacred space...i dove into yours and have a profound experience. My voice natural began sounding with the tones. I stayed with you and it kept opening and opening up into my higher ranges.

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