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My name is Luigi.


After all that time doing deep-tissue therapy I've shifted my focus on forms of healing that I've witnessed to be far more lasting and impactful with my patients. 

My journey into massage therapy has been long and filled with lots of wonderful experiences into the path of learning and discovery of what I now approach as Energy work. Once, I observed my practice purely from the medical perspective of muscle-relieving therapy and at the same time I apply the Energy work to have an impact from a cellular level to the alignment of the Vibrational Frequency.

I've worked on athletes and different body types in patients, performing from deep-tissue massages to 90 minutes relaxing massage. However, time proved both to me and my clients, that my work is in fact energetic and holistic. I don't see it any other way now, and I find that this recognition alone had opened a new world of healing and relief to be experienced through my Holistic Energy Massage.

 My practice focuses on energy work, and along these modalities my attention goes to Reiki Healing, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy, Quantum Touch modality, Cristal and Aroma therapy. I focus my attention and intention to unlock the blockages and imbalances I might discover during the session. 

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